Office Movers’ Advice on Avoiding Problems During an Office Move

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Tips from Expert Office Movers on Common Issues & How to Avoid Them

It’s time for your office to make the move that everyone has been planning for months. It’s chaos, and you are not sure how the move could possibly go smoothly even when the office movers arrive. You still need to pack but, before you begin, here are some of the biggest office moving mistakes from Fitzgerald Commercial Movers in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C. and how to avoid them.

  • Don’t Rush - An entire office packing last minute before the office movers arrive is an accident waiting to happen. Items may be lost; boxes might be misplaced or mislabeled; important logistics and steps will be skipped and throw the whole plan awry. Did someone remember to hire a moving company ahead of time? Don’t rush and pick one of the first moving companies you find either. You will want to hire a moving and storage company that is reliable and well trained to take care of your items during the move. Not planning can accrue additional costs thanks to any damages or from picking a last-minute moving company that could have been a lot better.

  • The Tech - The computers and office technology will be out of use while the move is underway. In case of any accidents or because you can’t access the main computer for a few days, make sure files are backed up and employees have what documents they need. If you have I.T. support, make sure they prepare the technology for packing. Don’t start unplugging things and piling wires if you don’t know what they are.

  • Organization - Make an area where items that are being moved, thrown away, or donated can go. Put these in safe and out of the way places. Not following this rule can lead to injury and tripping hazards.

  • Injury - Before the packing begins and the office movers arrive, arrange a meeting with your staff. Discuss moving procedures and safety. Packing the boxes too heavy, not using the right materials, moving items incorrectly, and more can all lead to injuries. This is preventable.

Thinking ahead is key. Make sure to delegate duties and communicate where items go in the new office. Also, working with a leader among commercial moving companies in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C., like Fitzgerald Commercial Movers, is the easiest way to simply this transition.


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