Benefits of Commercial Storage Solutions for Hotels

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How Commercial Storage Solutions Can Help Hotels During a Move or RenovationBENEFITS OF COMMERCIAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR HOTELS

Many moving companies, like Fitzgerald Commercial Movers in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C., offer storage as a part of their moving and storage solutions for moves. It makes sense. If you are moving a business that is under construction and it hasn’t quite been finished yet, you will need somewhere to put all your equipment and furniture. But, when moving a hotel, it is never simple. Hotels hold and offer a lot more than most businesses do. There is more to a hotel than the beds and furniture in every room and suite. This makes the need of secure commercial storage solutions for a hotel’s belongings essential to the move.


Commercial Storage Solutions

  • Food Services - Hotels offer a lot. There is a breakfast service; they can host banquets, events, and more. A hotel kitchen will be full of appliances, counters, and more that will need to be moved. Wine and liquor will need to be transported and stored in climate-controlled storage while the move is going on. If the drinks are not handled carefully, the quality may be compromised.
  • Signs - Hotels have many signs and posters throughout their building. Whether they are floor maps, emergency exits, special discount posters about rates, what’s for breakfast, and more. The signs vary in size and would be difficult to keep anywhere on the property. The signs will stay safe and be out of your way in a commercial storage unit.
  • Hotel Vehicles - Commercial storage solutions offer state of the art security and storage surveillance. The hotel vehicles will be stored within a fenced-in area, allowed to access code entry only. This option takes another worry away from the hotel owner’s company to know that the vehicles not in use are all in one secure place.

For any move to go smoothly, a trustworthy and high-quality moving company must be hired. You should expect expert service for your moving and storage needs. Moves are stressful, especially on this scale. Look for a company that will make this experience hassle-free.


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