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Moving your office to Washington DC? Well first of all, congratulations! It’s a great place with a lot of opportunities.



As we know how complicated a task moving is and equally time consuming and tiring too. It requires a lot of time and efforts and if you think you can do it by your own, we think that’s courageous as it is a very difficult thing. But for those who want to hire professional movers for their commercial move in Washington, your search ends at Fitzmovers which is a home and commercial moving company in Washington DC and has a team of experts who know Washington inside out and are efficient, hardworking and professional.

Now you must be thinking what makes fitzmovers special, we have the answers to all your questions.

Here are the services that we provide-

  • Local and distant moving

We excel in both local and long distance moving. We have experienced movers who have done both local and long distance moving and we can say that they are trained enough to carry on any move. your commercial belongings such as machinery and furniture will be delivered to you on time and with utmost care. We care for you and your belongings and make sure you have a pleasant moving experience with us.

  • Reliable pricing option

we offer different pricing method depending upon the client’s needs. We make sure that all your needs are covered. We offer different options such as if it’s a small move, we can provide services on hourly basis or we can provide a fixed price guarantee. Our goal is to maintain the transparency and provide fair and unbeatable home moving services.

  • Highly secured storage services

We provide storage services for your valuables. We take complete care of your valuable assets and make sure to keep an eye on your essentials. We provide 24-hour security and we have CCTV cameras set up in the warehouses so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff.

  • We take care of your belongings

We know when you choose us for your move, you trust us with your belongings and we make sure to satisfy your needs. We take care of your machinery and furniture as we know they are precious and important for your business. We keep them safe and secure and deliver them safely without any damage.

  • Fast and reliable

We do not believe in delaying the delivery unnecessary. We make sure to complete the move on the promised time as we know you want all your furniture and fixtures in your new office as soon as you move there. We try to complete the move as soon as possible so that you can start the office on time.

  • Support team


We offer great support to our clients. During the move, if you come across any issue or have any questions or queries, we are there to answer you and solve your issues. Our support team is super active and respond as soon as possible.

Hire professional commercial movers from fitzmovers

Fiztmovers is a home and commercial moving company in Washington DC providing quality moving services for both local and long distance moves. We have highly professional and trained experts who have deep knowledge of the industry and have completed many successful moves in the past.

Hire our professional movers for your next commercial move to Washington DC. We will make sure you have no stress as we will take care of everything from packing, moving to storage and finally delivering to your new workplace.

If you are looking for most relevant, reliable, friendly, secured and cost-effective commercial moving services, Fitzmovers is just one call away!

For any more details and assistance, write to us or just call us and we are there to assist you. Get in touch with us today.