The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

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An Office Move Checklist to Help Make Things Easier

Office moves can be daunting. There’s nothing simple about relocating an entire company of employees, much less moving and storage for months’ worth of inventory, high-value products, or custom equipment. Although office managers are adept at multitasking, a comprehensive office move checklist is necessary to keep you and your team on-track.

Staying organized during a commercial move is essential. Use this office move checklist to prevent any hiccups from happening along the way.

  1. Create a master moving folder. Quotes, contracts, and spreadsheets will accumulate quickly. Designate a hard-copy or digital folder for all of your important paperwork (and this office move checklist).
  2. Notify your employees. Hold an in-person meeting with your staff to discuss the move as soon as possible. Involving them early will minimize confusion and downtime later. Designate a point-person from each department to act as a liaison between you and your staff and to help coordinate the logistics of the move.
  3. Communicate externally. Now that your coworkers know about the move, it’s time to tell your landlord, partners, and clients. We recommend sending your relocation notice a minimum of three weeks before the move.
  4. Hire a trusted moving company. Choosing the right office movers can make or break your commercial move. Look for a team with a reputation for reliability and responsiveness. Contact them as soon as possible to confirm a moving date.
  5. Assess your current space. Take a walk-through of your current office with your moving team so they can advise you on appropriate arrangements for specialty items and provide you with a more accurate quote.
  6. Review special office furniture or equipment. Consider any outstanding items that need to be specially packaged or handled during the move, then work with your office movers to create a customized packing or storage plan.
  7. Design a floor plan. Map out your new office to decide where to put desks, furniture, and equipment. Consider the number and locations of ethernet connections, electrical sockets, and lounge spaces.
  8. Pack and plan. Enlist employees to help with the packing and labelling process, so nothing is lost or misplaced. Your moving team may also provide professional packing services or tutorials.


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Use this office move checklist to stay on top of logistics, set up your new space, and hire the best support possible during your next commercial move. Office moving companies can help with everything from specialty crating to setting up desks and chairs, so you have less on your to-do list. Contact Fitzgerald Commercial Movers today to schedule a consultation.