Baltimore, MD Office & Commercial Moving

Baltimore, MD MoversSince 1978, Fitzgerald Moving & Storage has provided high quality moving services to businesses across the Baltimore - Washington metropolitan area.

You can trust the Fitzgerald Moving & Storage team to efficiently pack, wrap, transport and unload all your office equipment and furniture so that you can minimize downtime and look forward to settling in to your new business space.

Moving Your Commercial Business / Office from Baltimore

The city of Baltimore, Maryland, is part of the Baltimore - Washington metro, and is home to many commercial businesses and offices. Tourism is important to the economy of Baltimore, as is the port; the World Trade Center Baltimore is key to international commerce in the area.

If you have an office or commercial business located in Baltimore we would be happy to help you relocate. Whether you're part of a huge commercial business or a small corporate office, we are the experienced Baltimore movers for you; our team can help make even the most complicated move feel simple.

Our Commercial / Office Moving Services

When you work with Fitzgerald Moving & Storage, you can expect the following:

  • Commercial grade boxes and packing materials you can trust to keep all your office equipment safe throughout the move
  • Full-service packing, wrapping, transportation and unloading
  • Clean, safe, long term and short term storage facilities
  • Specialty moving trucks to relocate your office equipment and other items
  • Computer cart systems for moving sensitive electronics

If you require additional moving services, don't hesitate to get in touch – we will always try to accommodate your needs.

Why you should choose Fitzgerald Moving & Storage

  • Trusted for over 50 years by corporations across Baltimore and the Washington metropolitan area.
  • Reliable and friendly team members, dedicated to making your move easy and stress-free
  • Efficient – we'll help minimize office downtime.
  • Custom services – we'll provide you with a custom moving plan, designed for you; no two moves are ever exactly alike.
  • Organized – We'll note every item to be moved so we are fully prepared and know the most efficient way to pack ahead of time.

Plan Your Commercial / Office Move

Whether you're ready to set the date on your move or are still researching the best way to go about relocating an office or commercial business, we'd love to hear from you!

For advice or guidance on office relocation or for your free quote, contact Fitzgerald Moving today.