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If you are looking for office moving services, Fitzgerald Commercial Movers is the moving and storage company for you. Our professional movers have the expertise to plan and carry out any size or distanced move with a streamlined result. Located in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, our movers are here to begin planning your move today, let us know how we can help your business or company thrive with your upcoming transition.

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. is a residential neighborhood known for its beautiful 19th-century row homes, restaurants, and city life. Here, our office moving services will help you reach your new location right away. Fitzgerald Commercial Movers was recognized by CREBA as one of the best moving and storage companies in the Washington, D.C. area.


Flexible Business Moving and Storage Solutions

At Fitzgerald Commercial Movers, we offer a number of varied moving and storage services. Our full-service movers will pack, pick-up, deliver, and even unpack your belongings for you. We think of the details from labeling and color-coding our boxes to keep the move organized, and we can even disassemble items such as cubicles to make the move easier for you and your employees.

Our office moving services at Fitzgerald Commercial Movers, work hard to provide customized and varied solutions to our valued customers. We work to make your move as smooth as possible and provide services such as short-term and long-term storage in case you cannot move into your new location right away, or if your move must be completed in steps. All these services combined with our movers’ excellent expertise will streamline your move from start to finish.

Your next successful move all starts with an estimate at Fitzgerald Commercial Movers. Let our movers know what we can do for you. Our office moving services will work to create a hassle-free moving and storage experience right away.


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