Tips from Professional Movers on Moving Office Cubicles

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Professional Movers’ Tips on Moving Office Cubicles in Alexandria, VA & Surrounding AreasProfessional Movers' Tips on Moving Cubicles

Fitzgerald Commercial Movers knows that there are many steps to moving an office. There are desks, printers, computers, and office chairs the professional movers will need to pick up. The cubicles included. Many moving and storage companies’ professional movers offer cubicle disassembly services, but here are our efficient steps if you and your employees are the ones taking them apart.

  • Your Employees - Make sure you notify your employees about the upcoming move, the timeline, and when they are expected to pack. Preparing for a move can be disruptive to work so giving plenty of time, and a heads up can ease this stressful process. If your move is extensive, consider renting a temporary office for your employees to work in until the move is complete.
  • Your Tools - To disassemble the cubicles in your office, you will need the following: a ladder, wrench, flat-head screwdriver, and a rubber mallet. Work in pairs for the safety of each employee and to make sure the disassembly goes smoothly.


How to Disassemble a Cubicle

Organization and patience are key in the process when dozens of cubicles might be taken down at once in an office. Approach each one with patience and follow these steps provided by our professional movers to complete the job smoothly.

  • Empty the cubicle - Remove all items from the cubicle and unplug and remove all cords.
  • Remove attached desks: Have a co-worker support the desk upright. Crawl underneath the desk to unscrew the attachment to the panel. Remove the desk and shelving.
  • Remove outer panels - Remove the screws, latches, and springs. Have a co-worker steady the panels, so nothing falls.
  • Connector rail - If your cubicle has a connector rail, that means it is bolted to the rail on the floor. If the panel is bolted down, loosen it with a wrench. If the panel is not bolted down, loosen the panels with a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the panel from the rail once loose. If the panel is stuck, tap it lightly with a rubber mallet to dislodge.


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