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It’s time for your office to begin planning for the big moving day. But there is a lot to plan, a lot of people to coordinate, and many things to pack! Here are some tips from Fitzgerald Commercial Movers’ office moving and packing services to get you started on preparing your office.

  • Prepare Early - If you’re thinking about the move ahead of time, you are on track. Preparing early is the most crucial step. Waiting to accomplish anything on our list last minute will not only be hectic, it might deter your move and slow down the whole process. First, notify your employees about the upcoming move. Check in to make sure everyone is informed about their roles, when they should pack, and check in to see if everyone is handling the changes fine. Moving affects your employees, so keep them informed and take care of them.
  • Packing Supplies - When packing, if you use old or deteriorating boxes, they will break. Take the time to invest in proper boxes, labels, packing material, tape, and markers. This will make a difference. It is also the time to downsize. Get rid of the extra clutter and old unused items that your office no longer needs. It will save you time and money to get rid of these items, rather than pack and pay for them to be moved by office moving and packing services.
  • Involve and IT Professional - If you have an I.T. worker, use them—or hire one via one of the moving companies you hired. Be careful with the technology. For example, each computer should be packed individually wrapped and taped into moving blankets to avoid damage. Do not pack them in boxes, and do not put tape directly on the monitor. Before you begin packing, make sure all data is backed up and saved.

With these tips, you will avoid some moving problems along the way. Think ahead of time and don’t rush. During the process and afterward, ask your employees how they think the move can be improved and get some feedback. Along with some office moving and packing services, your moving and storage services will be completed swiftly.


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