• Palletized storage

  • Records storage solutions.

  • Secure, monitored storage facilities.

  • Commercial Storage Solutions

  • Racked and non-racked environments

As a commercial storage solution, Fitzgerald Commercial Movers offers both asset and non-asset based, clean warehousing sites for our customers. Choose from four well-lit and secure storage facilities totaling in excess of 500,000 square feet in Alexandria and Sterling, Virginia.

Our solutions accommodate both short-term and long-term storage needs, giving you flexible options when creating your storage plan. We also provide general commodities and high-value transportation and storage services, allowing us to serve a wide range of customers. Victory Van Corporation offers the below options to fit all of your commercial storage needs.

Storage Solutions to Meet Everyone's Needs

  • Our commercial storage warehouses are conveniently located to best serve your needs.

Multi-client facilities:

Multi-client facilities offer several benefits for your warehousing needs. Our clients benefit from this model by only paying for the amount of space, labor and equipment they use, with access to additional resources as their business requirements fluctuate. The achieved net effect is lower overall cost and increased flexibility for everyone involved.

Dedicated distribution operations

 This model focuses on providing service to a single client. With dedicated distribution operations,the resources of the facility work as an extension of the client to provide safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions. This results in a competitive advantage and unparalleled flexibility

Dry Warehousing

 For items that need to be kept free of moisture, our dry warehousing option provides assurance and peace of mind. Goods will be free from both moisture damage and insect damage, so you can be confident that your items will maintain their integrity during the duration of their time at our facilities.

Fitzgerald Commercial Movers provides a range of services including, but not limited to, the following;

  • Cross–docking

  • DSD program support (temp-control and ambient)

  • Parcel delivery (temp-control and ambient)

  • Order selection (cases)

  • Pick-pack (pieces)

  • RF and bar-coding

  • Bonded facilities

  • Computerized inventory control, stock location

  • Online inventory tracking

  • Dedicated customer service representative

  • Attachments (slip sheet, clamp, roll clamp, double fork)

  • Racked and non-racked environments

  • Import/export services