College Movers and Storage Solutions

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Discover College Movers and Storage Solutions in Alexandria, VA & Washington, D.C.College Movers and Storage Solutions in Alexandria, VA & Washington, D.C.

Colleges go through many changes over the years, requiring them to increase or decrease their housing, refurbish their buildings and dorms, and to stay up to date with the changing times. If your college or university is going through a change like this or is rearranging their buildings, the college movers and storage solutions at Fitzgerald Commercial Movers are an ideal step to organizing what can be an overwhelming process.


College Moving and Storage Services

College movers and storage solutions can be used when a college is moving, refurbishing, or reorganizing its buildings. For example, if a dorm building is being updated, all furniture, including beds, mattresses, and more need to be stored until the construction and updates are complete. The same goes for updating classrooms and offices. The office files and sensitive material will need to be stored somewhere not only secure but convenient for college staff to access them during the updates.

  • Flexible Moving and Storage - Every college and university is different. That is why every college movers and storage solutions plan must be unique to fit their needs, schedule, and budget. The planning changes if it is a sports facility being updated versus a library or campus housing. Communicate while searching for moving companies and ask during estimates how much services they can offer you and how flexible those services might be. Also, the college needs to keep track of how many items are being stored and what conditions they require.
  • Specialty Services - College movers and storage solutions services offer many specialty services. Hire a company that has planning services, affordable budgeting, cataloging services, equipment to move items from labs, gyms, and more, clean and dependable equipment, professionally trained movers, and more.
  • Secure Storage Solutions - Commercial storage services via a moving company are clean, safe, and secure facilities. They will be electronically monitored, secure, and temperature-controlled to protect all the college’s belongings. Plan accordingly, who will have access to the storage and if access from a car or on foot is needed.

With college storage, a college or university can stay organized and in control of any renovations, moves, or updates done to the college buildings and campus. Professional moving and storage services offer an array of services to complete any transition in a college’s life.


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